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Anyone who is planning on moving will definitely want to at least think about taking advantage of moving company insurance. While it’s true that all moving companies are inherently insured, you are only getting about $.60 cents of coverage for every item you have transported to your new home. If you want more coverage than just that, you will need to begin looking into getting full coverage through the moving company you hire. In the end you will find that having this coverage is well worth the expense.

Protecting Yourself


By opting for full moving protection, you will be protecting yourself and your possessions. If something very expensive gets damaged in the moving truck on the way to its destination, chances are you won’t be reimbursed for very much with just the basic insurance. But if you opt for the full moving company insurance, you will probably be compensated very well for your loss. Those who plan on having very valuable items transported to their new home will certainly need to splurge on the additional insurance because of how important it is overall.


The amount of money that you will pay for full moving company insurance coverage will depend on the total value of the items you are having moved. If the total value of your belongings on the truck is $50,000, you will probably pay around $500 for the insurance. While it’s true that this additional coverage is not for everyone, it can be incredibly beneficial if you have a truck load of valuable items that you cherish deeply.

When Basic Coverage isn’t Enough

Although a lot of people choose to not pay for additional insurance coverage, that doesn’t mean it’s a scam. You will need to take the time to decide whether or not the basic insurance coverage you are getting with your moving company is enough. The first thing that you will want to do is talk to the moving company to see how much they are insured for on a basic level. If the value of your possessions is far more than the number you are given, you will probably want to opt for full coverage.

We can Help

At Your Moving Price, we will be able to get you the best deal on the insurance you need by selecting the right company. Not all moving companies charge a reasonable amount for full insurance coverage, so it is therefore important that you hire one you can trust. We have the resources and connections to get you the insurance you need for the right amount so you don’t end up getting ripped off. We realize just how important it is to have your valuable possessions insured, just in case something happens to them on the way to your new home.

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