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Your Moving Price gives extensive services in moving and packing. We offer affordable packages that will give you flexible selections for much convenient moving. Click the link to find out more about the service we offer. See our full package and experience a faster and easier way to move and pack. Good packing is vital for stress-free moving and packing. If you choose to do your own packing, it is essential to be familiar with proficient packing practices in order to help secure and guard your belongings. Here at Your Moving Price, we can demonstrate and give you some tips on how to properly set up and pack your stuff. Moving experts will give you some helpful advice on how to pack fast and safeguard your things in no time. It is important to organize your belongings to make moving much easier and less of a hassle.

Movers and Packers Checklist – Check items that are not allowable for transfer


I have tried to hire ‘Your Moving Price’ since they are passionate when it comes to safety of the movers and packers. They would guide you in the process of moving. They have notified us that they cannot move perishable goods which include refrigerated food or containers. But exceptions can be made if the distance of travel is less than 150 miles. We have received the items within 24 hours from the time of loading of the package. This exception is depending on the discretion of your agent. Some items that are hazardous and should be disposing properly: Cleaning solvents, Aerosol cans, Liquid bleach, etc.

What supplies do you need in moving in?

I did not overlook the essential details in moving. Movers and packers should make sure that they have the adequate supplies. You should be careful in packing to ensure that you have packed everything.

I have used small boxes for fragile items. This makes carrying the stuff much easier.  For more convenient moving box, I recommend a medium box. It is a good choice to pack and move appliances and other household things. You can also safely pack your china by wrapping it with a bubble wrap. Large boxes are for clothing and other heavy materials.

Check all our stuff before packing. Go through your things that you can let go, give away or recycle. You can donate any clothing, appliances or other household items to charities in your location. Don’t forget to get your receipts showing the items’ estimated value for possible tax deductions.

Moving in to your destination

A moving company can process your entire package and deliver it in no time! They help movers and packers to prep up, pack up, and move up without any stress. Once you follow the guidelines above, you will be able to unpack your stuff with ease.  If you have received the package, don’t forget to inspect all your things.  This is to make sure that everything is in there and in the same condition as it is from the time it is packed.